Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspections


Buying a vehicle is a big decision. Before you make that big purchase, bring us the used vehicle you are considering and we will give it a thorough inspection. 

After you've finished your inspection, make sure you come back to visit us regularly for routine maintenance service and keep your vehicle in top shape.

Full-Service Inspections for Your Vehicle

  • Check engine, coolant, anti-lock brake, tire pressure, and service warning lights
  • Air, cabin air, and fuel filters
  • Belts, hoses, and radiator
  • Batteries, cables, and terminals
  • Engine, transmission, power steering, brake master cylinder, and differential fluid levels
  • Tires, struts, shocks, CV axles, tie rods, ball joints, idler and pitman arms, axle seals, and other aspects of your alignment of suspension system
  • Front and rear brakes, calipers, wheel cylinders, hoses, hardware, and brake fluid
  • Wiper blades, lights, horn, and exhaust system
Click below for our complete pre-owned vehicle inspection checklist.
Inspection Checklist
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vehicle inspection.

I stopped in one day and visited with a nice young man named Daniel (I do believe) and the next day he took the 'new' used car I was looking at plus the time to go over it and check for any problems. This fast, courteous service was appreciated and will be remembered. Of course, on my end, a woman buying a used car, it is a fearful experience and I can only trust that everything and everyone I dealt with was honest and truthful. That is my nature and I was saw no reason to believe otherwise. Thanks to all who helped me. 

- Rita Wilson
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