Computer Diagnostics and Repair in Lawrence, KS

The Best in Computer Diagnostics

Unsure what’s wrong with your vehicle? There’s no need to worry! Just come in today and let the experts at Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics, Inc. inspect your vehicle. Trust us to repair any of your vehicle’s electronic components.

If you’ve been having issues with your headlights, come in and see us for a headlight restoration appointment today.

Repair Your Vehicle’s Electrical Systems

  1. Airbags

  2. Anti-lock brake sensors

  3. Cruise control

  4. Alarm systems

  5. Body control

  6. Batteries and alternators

  7. Starters and spark plugs

  8. Headlamps

  9. Windshield wipers

  10. Check engine lights

  11. Automotive Service Association

  12. 10 Steps of Professional Diagnostics

  13. Listen and document customer concerns to begin the process of testing, inspecting, and repairing their vehicle.

  14. A test drive verifies customer concerns and provides additional information.

  15. Technicians attend system-specific training on a continuing basis.

  16. Ongoing hands-on training enhances the expertise of technicians.

  17. Advanced technical equipment is essential to accurately analyze and repair today’s vehicles.

  18. Electronic information systems, technical service bulletins and professional forums are essential resources for successfully arriving at a solution to address the problem.

  19. Technicians must have an understanding of complex wiring diagrams and a working knowledge of computer-controlled systems.

  20. Interaction with professional technical hotline services can enhance the speed and accuracy of the evaluation.

  21. After final test drive, the technician confirms the repair was achieved and customer concerns were addressed.

  22. Completed repair order is reviewed, explained, and signed by the customer. Key and vehicle are returned to the customer.